Turtles in Ontario Need our Help! 

Watch Now: Why we need to do turtle walks in Ontario? (link)


Turtles are the best cleaners of our lakes. They are the most innocent and peaceful of the earth’s creatures. In 1999 biologists estimated that we had lost over 50% of Ontario’s turtles.  With ongoing losses, and also after the crisis in 2017, the numbers may be as high as 80%. Turtles take between 30 and 80 years to replace themselves: Only 1% of eggs laid reach maturity. Turtle Walks were held within The Land Between bioregion- home to 1/3 of Ontario’s turtles- during the most active time for turtle nesting: the Flowering Moon (the full moon at the end of May)- and when the highest threat from road mortality occurs.


Thank you everyone for helping raise funds, awareness and hope for future generations and turtles!
Thank you to the OPP and Peterborough Police Service for their generous support.
Thank you to all the caring and dedicated volunteers!
This year’s theme was  “Disco Turtle”. Next year look out for “Tartan Turtle”
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The Donation page and campaign is still active!

Become a fundraiser:

Create your own Click and Pledge profile and collect donations in support of the Tunnels and Trauma Campaign (T&T Campaign). The campaign aims to raise monies to support turtle tunnel planning and implementation (50%) and turtle trauma care (50%).

Contact: turtlewalk@thelandbetween.ca