2019 is the Year of the Tartan Turtle!

Help Our Slow Friends Come in First!

Turtles Need Our Help. Watch: Why we need turtle walks in Ontario? (link)

Turtles are the best cleaners of our lakes and water! Turtle populations are declining dramatically: Turtles live a long time, but, it takes about 60 years for one snapping turtle to replace itself. Road mortality, poaching and habitat loss are making things worse for turtles. Turtle Walks are held in The Land Between bioregion- home to 1/3 of Ontario’s turtles. Walks are during the Strawberry Moon, the full moon at the start of June, and during the most active time for turtle nesting, when many turtles are near roads! 

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WALKS begin at 10 am on Saturdays:

HALIBURTON: JUNE 8TH (meeting at the HHSS grounds)

BANCROFT: JUNE 8TH (meeting at the Riverside park/post office entrance)

PETERBOROUGH: JUNE 8TH (meeting at the zoo entrance)


BRACEBRIDGE: JUNE 15TH (meeting at Kelvin Park)

FENELON FALLS: JUNE 15TH (Meeting at the locks)

FOXBORO/MADOC: JUNE 15TH  (meeting at the Foodland parking lot)

LINDSAY: JUNE 15TH  (meeting place TBD)

Prizes for the best costumes, signs, for answering skill-testing questions during the walk, and for the best fundraisers


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Sponsor a Turtle Walk

Donations are in support of the T-5  Campaign (Turtles, Teaching, Tracking, Tunnels and Trauma care). Our goal is to raise $100,000 each year to support the recovery of turtle populations in Ontario, from start to finish: from prevention to cure.

Contact: info@thelandbetween.ca  / turtlewalk@thelandbetween.ca
Call: 705-457-1222 (The Land Between head office and Turtle Guardian Headquarters) or 705-85-HELP-T (705-854-3578)